A Guide to HPI Vehicle Check 2022

HPI checks are a vital part of the car-buying process. The hpi check process is quick and easy and can be done online. With an HPI check, you can confidently buy your next used car. Before purchasing a used car, it’s essential to have an HPI check carried out.


How do you clear HPI on a car?

“HPI clear” is a term used in the United Kingdom to describe a used vehicle that has been checked against the HPI database. It has no outstanding finance, is not recorded as stolen, and has not been subject to any plates VIN or chassis number changes. The check will also tell you if the car has any previous insurance claims or has been involved in a major accident. It gives you peace of mind that you’re not buying a car with hidden problems.

What does an HPI Check reveal?

All you need is the car’s registration number, and you will be able to access a full report in minutes. The above information is included in HPI checks.

Pending Finance Debts

Suppose the car is bought on finance and it still owes the money. In that case, the report will alert that the car is the property of the finance company.

Theft Status

When someone reports a car theft, it’s included in the Police National Computer. The car HPI checks will include this information from the Police database to tell that it’s recorded as stolen.

Check if a vehicle has any damage/ accident.

It is illegal to drive category A and B cars. They must be taken off the road or scrapped. Therefore, it’s vital to know the insurance write-off categories before buying. Sometimes, you might get a discount if you know that the vehicle has a particular write-off category.

Vehicle Valuation

Car valuation doesn’t just tell how much you pay for a private or forecourt sale at a dealership. Still, it also provides five different market values. Knowing the car’s actual worth, you will learn how much to bargain.

Scrapped Status

If the DVLA records a vehicle is scrapped, you can’t legally drive it in the UK. It’s best to know before handing over your cash to the seller.

Import/Export Status

Imported cars are unique but bring expensive insurance with them. Most insurance companies won’t provide cover. A fewer number will cost you more because the imported vehicles are costly to repair and maintain. In the case of the exported cars, you can’t even drive them if it’s registered as exported. So, why risk your money in the first place?

Vehicle Specifications

It will provide the car’s original colour, CO2 emissions, equipment, and fuel consumption. In some cases, the car’s price may look attractive, but the hidden costs aren’t. For instance, if the vehicle has high fuel consumption, you will fill the tanks daily. The same goes for the other specifications.

Vehicle Identification Number

It will reveal the original Vehicle Identity Number (VIN), chassis, and engine number. Before buying, you should match the provided documents with the identification data to see if the car isn’t cloned or stolen.

Cheapest HPI Checks in the market

Who offers the cheapest HPI check in the UK? Nowadays, numerous vehicle checks are offering different prices. But what’s the difference? Should you go for an expensive one, what extras do they provide? Let’s find out!

HPI Check – £19.99a>

• Data guarantee: £30,000Three full checks price: £29.97
• No basic check
The official HPI charges extra just for being the first to introduce it. Unfair, right? However, you will find other vehicle check websites providing the same information at half the price. So, why pay double just for the brand name?

RAC – £14.99

• Data guarantee: £30,000
• Three full checks price: £29.97
• Basic check cost: £9.99

The RAC doesn’t just check car history but also provides breakdown help and insurance. They have a keen interest and are excellent at the car breakdown report. Alongside, they offer a detailed car history report. The RAC members get a further discount on multiple checks and other add-ons.

Car Analytics – £9.95

• Data guarantee: £30,000
• 3 full checks: £19.99
• Basic check cost: Free
• 5 full checks: £24.99

The Auto Experts – £9.99

• Data guarantee: £30,000
• Multiple full checks price: £19.99
• Basic check cost: Free
• 5 full checks: £24.99

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