How to Import a Car from Ireland to the UK?


Buying a vehicle in Ireland isn’t just about paying the car price. It has other expenses vital to consider before purchasing. If you are unaware of the formalities and costs, read the article and follow the guide. It’s helpful information for people considering or who have already bought a vehicle in Ireland.

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Sourcing Your Vehicle

It’s crucial to do a little research beforehand on buying a vehicle. In the modern era, you don’t have to visit showrooms or private dealers; You have thousands of online websites clicks away. It’s also possible to get car deals from Northern Ireland too. Usually, this can work out cheaper if you buy to collect and bring it home.

It’s a viable option because you save the expense of transport and accommodation. More importantly, you save time. So, check popular car dealers from the comfort of your home.

Estimate the Prices of Irish Cars

Undoubtedly, buying an Irish car in Ireland is a cheaper option, but have you considered the overall cost? Probably not! Importing a car from Ireland to the UK has other expenses too. Generally, you must bear:

  • Currency exchange charges (GBP/EUR)
  • Transportation costs
  • Customs duty and VAT
  • VRT and registration

Most importantly, you will need a car reg check Ireland (NCT checker). It’s a car history check to reveal if the car has outstanding finance, written-off category, stolen record, etc. So, make sure you include all factors before handing over your cash.

How Much Cheaper are Used Cars in the UK than in Ireland?

In the past, the used cars in the UK had a significant market. For that reason, there was approximately a hundreds of pounds difference. However, the difference did not sustain after the Brexit. The UK government put VAT on Irish imported cars. So, the difference margin isn’t considerable now.

Difference between UK Car History Report and Ireland Number Plate Check Report

The Northern Ireland number plate check and UK history are almost identical except for two things. The Irish number plate check provides National Car Test (NCT) status in place of the MOT. It’s the same car quality checking test, just with a different name. In addition, they are available from £25 – £30. The UK car history check costs £10 – £20.  

Purchase the Car 

Once you have run a Northern Ireland MOT checker, it’s time you bargain and buys the car. Don’t forget to check multiple money transfer agencies. Try to get the best EUR/UK exchange rate possible.

Getting Your Plates

Register your car at the DVLA to get number plates. Get an appointment within 7 days of the vehicle entering the UK. You must pay VAT and other tax liabilities due on the car to register.

Pay Your Motor Tax and Insurance

When you have registered the car, it’s time to pay motor tax and insurance. When searching for insurance, consider buying from specific agencies for imported vehicles. They will provide excellent rates for the premium.

And voila! You have completed all import formalities. Give your vehicle a good wash and enjoy the ride.

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